Whether or not you are familiar with insurance claims, the information on this page should be very helpful. If your home has sustained wind, water or hail damage there is much you need to know. The subject of deductibles is probably the most misunderstood aspect of the insurance claims process. For homeowners living in Texas it is probably the most unpleasant.

Deductibles aside, dealing with the adjuster that the insurance company sends to inspect storm damage is where most homeowners lack sufficient knowledge. Most homeowners either want to or have to go through this process alone. If they are not satisfied with their insurance claim settlement, or their claim was denied, 99% of the time “going it alone” is the reason why.

Adjusters represent insurance companies – not homeowners!


When a homeowner meets the adjusters without representation for themselves, it is no different than going to court without an attorney. Let’s look at the available options homeowners have to choose from in this situation.

Other than doing it by themselves, they have three choices when dealing with their adjuster; they can hire an attorney who is familiar with property insurance claims, they can hire a public adjuster (both charge a percentage of the final claim) or when making the decision on which company they will hire to repair their storm damage, hire one that includes this area of expertise as part of their service; like Image Roofing & Construction. We are a qualified Insurance Restoration Company.

This is very important because the homeowner does not know what the insurance adjuster knows. This includes knowledge about insurance claims, what to look for when assessing the damage, what’s required to fully repair the damage and cost. There are so many factors involved and too much at stake to just “take their word for it”. Wouldn’t you rather know for sure?

We fill the gap between what you know and what your insurance adjuster knows. In addition to offering affordable quality workmanship, Image Roofing is a consumer advocate company that represents the property owner with their insurance recovery process. Our trained professionals will make sure you are fully compensated by your insurance company for all storm damage you have suffered at your property.

We welcome and take very seriously the responsibility of obtaining the most favorable outcome for our homeowners. We offer this additional and very important free service; our way of earning your business.

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