Is Your Roof Up to Code?

Find out with a roof storm certification form in Deer Park & Houston, TX and all surrounding areas

Is your roof going to keep you covered during strong winds and storms? If you haven't already received your roof storm certification or roof wind certification, you'll want to hire a professional to inspect your roof right away.

You can trust Image Roofing Company to handle your roof storm certification. We're extremely detail-oriented and will account for everything down to the nailing patterns during your roof compliance inspection. Once we've checked to see if your roof is up to code, you'll not only experience peace of mind knowing your roof is sound, but you also won't have to hold anything back when you purchase homeowners' insurance.

Call now to schedule a roof storm certification inspection in Deer Park, Pasadena, & Houston, TX or any surrounding areas.

What to expect during your windstorm inspection

What to expect during your windstorm inspection

When you hire Image Roofing Company to handle your WPI-8 roof wind certification in Deer Park & Houston, TX or the surrounding area, you'll receive exceptional services done by a professional, seasoned roofing contractor. You can count on us to:

  • Provide a thorough and detailed windstorm inspection
  • Make modifications and repairs so your roof is code-compliant
  • Provide you with your roof wind storm certification form (WPI-8)
  • Send your compliance certificate to the state of Texas for you
Don't rely on just anyone for your roof storm certification. Contact us today to schedule a compliance inspection in Deer Park, TX or the surrounding Houston area including Pasadena.